Iranradiator |2021

Iran Radiator Production Company consists of several production units, with nearly 50 years of activity, it is one of the oldest and largest production units in the country, which operates in the field of producing all kinds of domestic and industrial cooling and heating systems.

Last year, we managed to successfully complete the design, production and implementation of office furniture for Iran Radiator Company’s head office in Tehran.

In this project, which was implemented in 6 floors of 400 square meters and a total of 2400 square meters, a department with specified organizational tasks has been established on each floor.

Management, internal and external trade, after-sales, technical, IT and executive departments are located on the same floor.

Even though each class has a separate organizational division from other classes and naturally they should use office furniture designed based on the work style and related job description, at the same time, they should use the same approach in the DNA of designing office furniture and partition products. We used glass.

Observing these two   principle   at the same time has made it possible to make changes in the design of office furniture and partitions on each floor, while observing the functional characteristics of these products, the identity of the customer’s brand is also respected and we do not face different designs when walking on different floors. The use of the dominant color theme of gray, the use of aluminum and glass, and the minimal and simple design of office furniture helped us to meet the demands of the client.

The precise and flexible design of Paadiran glass partitions made it possible for us to simultaneously use colored glass in one part, shutters in another part, and large and transparent glass in other parts for the different demands of the client   to embed.

Iran Radiator is another big company that has used Paadiran office furniture in these years and has become another friend of Paadiran.



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